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Private Parties

Posted by AfterDark Fantasies on


We have chosen to call our parties Private Parties, instead of Home Parties; because they do not have to be held at someone's home.

It's been a month now and our AfterDark Private Parties have taken off like wildfire...word of mouth is travelling fast and the parties have been very successful so far.

If you would like to get in on the excitement give us a call at 989-687-9669 to book a party now. Any day of the week, any time of day, women, men or couples.

The only question is your place or ours?! That's right. If you want, you can book our private party room and invite all your friends to meet here!

Our prices can't be beat our knowledge and customer service set us apart from the rest!

Don't wanna host? How about a private online Facebook party? Invite your friends to join the event. When they shop in store or online, you receive the same commissions and gifts on based on their purchases, as if you had an in person party!! How's that sound for fun!

Contact us for more info on either type party.

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